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Cable Marking Printer

Max LM-550A2 cable marker provides an array of identification solutions for cable and control panel management. The LM-550A2 has a cutter built in to allow bespoke sizes. This printer has been developed to be used onsite at a job or at your desk with software, it offers a range of different consumables.

On demand custom cable markings

Letatwin case included

300 DPI resolution

High speed rating – 40mm/sec

Half cut – Adjustable depth of cut

Battery operated option

Varied consumable range

Keyboard or software operated

Letatwin pritner page


Introducing the Letatwin LM550A2: your comprehensive, portable solution for cable and control panel management. Whether you are on an assembly line or conducting remote field repairs, the Letatwin LM550A2 offers instant identification. Our unique ‘Grip Tube’ is designed to increase productivity, visibility and cost saving whilst accommodating varied wire dimensions.

The Letatwin LM550A2 excels in a range of applications, including:

Cable Identification

Terminal Block Marking

ID Labelling

Heat Shrink Application

Network Port

Why purchase a Letatwin?

Portability: Letatwin models are designed to be lightweight and portable, making them convenient for fieldwork and on-site labelling tasks. This portability ensures that users can take the printer wherever it’s needed.

Durable and Professional Markings: Letatwin printers produce durable and professional-quality marking. This is essential for applications where markings must withstand harsh environments, such as cable identification in industrial settings or heat shrink tube for electrical components.

Efficiency and Productivity: Letatwin printers are designed to enhance efficiency and productivity. They offer fast printing speeds and the flexibility to create single tube or batch printing with sequential numbering. This allows professionals to streamline their labelling tasks, whether they are working on the assembly line or in the field.

Cost Savings: By having a Letatwin printer, organisations can save costs associated with outsourcing their tubing needs. With the ability to create tubings in-house, there’s no need to pay premium prices for custom tubes or wait for external orders to be fulfilled. This cost-saving feature can be significant for businesses.

Consumable Variety: Letatwin offers a range of consumables to complement the printers. These consumables include materials like tube sleeves, heat shrink materials, ID plates, and self-adhesive tape, allowing users to choose the most suitable materials for their specific applications.

Top View of Letatwin printer
Side view of Letatwin showing variety ports available

How can we help you to get the most out of your Letatwin?

Our comprehensive support package includes online training to ensure your teams’ proficiency.

  • You can rely on us for responsive assistance via phone and email, backed by regular updates.
  • Access a wealth of technical resources, from instructional videos to the latest drivers and technical data—all conveniently downloadable from our website.

Included Software

Effortlessly connect to your PC via USB for a time-saving data entry experience. Import your CSV file or simply copy and paste directly from Excel into the LETATWIN PC EDITOR. This streamlined process ensures efficient data transfer, making your workflow smoother and more productive.


Explore our extensive range of consumables, where you’ll find a variety of solutions tailored to your specific requirements. From tube sleeves and heat shrink materials to ID plates and self-adhesive tape, we’ve got you covered.

One standout in our selection is the ever-popular ‘Grip Tube’. This ingeniously designed tube boasts internal fins that provide a secure hold on cables, simplifying processes, particularly for those accustomed to heat shrink methods.


Letatwin Consumables

Product Specifications

Print Resolution300 DPI
Print Speed40mm per second
Print TechnologyThermal transfer
Cutting FunctionAuto half cut, manual full cut
Maximum Output RangeTube: up to 100m, Tape: up to 5m ID Plate: up to 5m
Weight2.3 kg
Dimensions9.4cm (H) x 29.5cm (W) x 29.3cm (D)
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 Full Speed
Power Supply VoltageAC 100 – 200V
What’s IncludedLetatwin Case, Ribbon Case, Ink Ribbon (Black), Ink Ribbon (Blue Ring – Black Halogen Free), 2 Attachments (Tube & ID Plate), Power cable, USB Cables, Manual Guide.

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