Reliable. Innovative. Trusted.

To our customers we're not just manufacturers or suppliers - we're problem-solving partners. When you buy from Lighthouse UK, you enjoy robust, usable and surprisingly useful products; plus responsive, effective help and support.

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Lighthouse UK Ltd (part of Max Co Group) is a manufacturing business with distributors across Europe. Our scale, history and financial strength, make us an extremely stable and reliable partner in your supply chain.

Lighthouse Headquarters

Here at Lighthouse (UK) Ltd, we manufacture to the highest quality and ethical standards. Having achieved both ISO 9001 & 14001 certification, we pay particular attention to the impact of our production processes and products on the environment.

All our consumable products utilise cores and packaging which are both recycled and recyclable. Uniquely in our market, our printing cartridges are refillable, thus reducing waste, disposal issues and cost.

Max Co Tamamura Plant

Max Co Ltd is our parent company, with its head office in Tokyo.

Established in 1942, the business manufactures an array of innovative products, from heavy duty construction tools, through to staplers. With a team of 200 staff in the R & D department, many of the products carry patents. Since the first stapler was produced in 1952, Max has sold in excess of 400 million units. They have even introduced the world's first 'paper stapler'... yes, the staples are made of paper!

Pictured here is the Max Co Tamamura plant in Japan, where CPM hardware is manufactured.

Lasting partnerships

At Lighthouse UK we already deal with more than seventy of the FTSE 100 plus thousands of other companies large and small. All our customers rely on us. Get in touch and you'll find that our people (at all levels) are very knowledgeable about our products and their applications. More than that, everyone is actively focused on delivering great customer service and we know sometimes it's the little things that also make a big difference - so we take care of every detail.

We love to innovate

And so do our customers! Together we're constantly finding exciting new ways to use our products (That's one of the benefits of a long term relationship.) Inevitably customers buy one of our label and sign printing systems to meet a specific need. Over time, (often without intervention from us) they tend to find new applications and new ideas and we're always on hand to help push the limits of what our systems can achieve, and to find even better ways to tailor output to customers' needs.

Trust us to deliver

After 32 years in business, and through a programme of sustainable growth, we've shown our sticking power. That's more important now than it's ever been. It means that you can rely on us to give you that long term support and when you start experiencing the sort of savings our customers enjoy, we think you're going to want us on board in the long term!

"We're very proud of the fact that over 25% of our customers have come to us through a referral from an existing customer. Proof itself that we don't just promise great customer service, we genuinely deliver it."

We believe in doing things properly - that's why we're committed to formal standards and compliance. From our two ISO certificates to REACH, WEEE and RoHS compliance, we are on top of the various legislative and advisory requirements that are vital components in the supply chain for many of our customers.

Image of Certifications