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Sign and label printing solutions that stick!

Every day, Lighthouse UK's sign and label printing systems solve common problems. Across sectors and industries, signs and labels help organisations to meet Health & Safety requirements, identify or track assets, and educate, protect or inform individuals. Ultimately, our systems help you to:

Save time Save time
Save money Save money
Improve processes Improve processes

Lighthouse has full production capabilities and manufactures all printing materials in-house. We make it easy and cost effective for you to design and create bespoke labels and signage. With a multitude of applications, all the software you need, and ongoing support on tap, you can take absolute control over your labelling and sign printing requirements. Customisation has never been so easy.

But it's not just about saving money. By designing and printing labels in-house, you take control. With the power to design and print your labels your way, the possibilities are endless.

Find out more about us or get in touch for more information. Put us to the test and see what we can do for you...